The Horn of Africa
Bringing Hope to the Least of These


Why the Horn of Africa?

God brought this region and its needs to the attention of The Blue River Baptist Association (BRKC), and they felt compelled to have a long-term focus on serving there. Every month, thousands of Eritreans flee their country in hopes of a better life. They flee poverty, religious persecution, and military conscription. Many cross into Northern Ethiopia, and Ethiopia’s government has graciously established 4 refugee camps in Northern Ethiopia. Many of the refugees are unaccompanied minors and cannot return home. Life in refugee camps seems to be an endless prison, as the refugees’ basic needs are met but they are unable to leave the camps, and there is no clear future awaiting them.

For the past 4 years BRKC has sent teams twice a year to meet needs and bring hope. They hope to continue these activities with twice-a-year trips. It is also their prayer that God will open pathways for some of the children to be adopted by American families and for refugees to have preparation and options for a future outside the camps.


The Library


BRKC and their member churches have raised over $27,000 for the construction of a library in the Shimelba refugee camp. They have also collected over 16,000 books to furnish the library’s shelves. Construction on the library began in early spring, and was completed this summer.  Each trip their team takes loads of books over. The children in the camp have little access to education, and even less access to books. Building and equipping a library opens the doors to a brighter future for the children. It provides a bridge for BRKC to teach English, give vocational and life skill training, tutor in school subjects, share God’s love, and more. Though the future of these children seems bleak and unclear, BRKC, in faith, want to empower them with the education and preparation they will need for the future we hope they someday have.


A percentage of all of my sales goes directly to BRKC’s Horn of Africa ministry. Please contact me if you wish to donate to this great cause as well.